Uric acid Symptoms, treatment and uric acid home remedies


What is Uric acid?

When we eat food, after the food is digested, many nutrients flush out of our body. Uric acid is also one of the same element. Uric acid in our body flows through the blood to the kidneys and then passes out of the body through urine but if its quantity increases in the body, then our body can not completely flush it out, and then it goes on increasing slowly. Due to an increase in the amount of uric acid in the body, we have to face many problems, but sometimes its overdose also gives rise to many painful and serious diseases in the body.


Symptoms of Uric Acid :

Symptoms of uric acid are

  • Joint pain, especially the hands and toes
  • Swelling
  • Redness in the heel and knee

As as well as due to the increase of uric acid in the blood, there is a high possibility of diabetes stone and other kidney-related diseases. Initially, due to the increased uric acid, there is a feeling of a mild prick in the joints of the body, but if ignored, then it gradually increases and begins to accumulate in our joints, so that over time the shape of our bones can also change. This condition gives rise to gout, which is the most important disease caused by uric acid.

If you feel pain in the body often or suddenly after waking up in the evening or the morning, do not ignore it as pain due to slight fatigue, because it can also be a symptom of uric acid in the body.

Uric acid treatment

We will discuss some very simple and effective uric acid treatment that are most effective to eliminate the problem of enlarged uric acid in a short time, we will also know that when uric acid is formed and what things should we take care of to speed up uric acid treatment.

Uric Acid home remedies

So let’s talk about uric acid home remedies. To make the first uric acid remedy, we will need parsley also called ajwain and gourd called lauci. First, fry the parsley and make a powder. After that, peel the gourd and take out a glass of juice and put one teaspoon of parsley powder and two to three pinches of black pepper inside the prepared juice and mix everything well. In this way, drink this juice daily with breakfast.

If we see from Ayurveda’s point of view, uric acid is one of the most toxic substances found in the body and gourd is most beneficial for removing all kinds of bad elements from the body. By adding black pepper and parsley powder to the gourd juice, its effect is doubled.

Parsley reduces pain in joints and by improving arthritis, it also works to remove the bad substances present in our stomach. Within seven days of starting this juice daily, you will feel a tremendous difference in the problem of increased uric acid in the body.

Second home remedy of uric acid

There is another uric acid home remedy which is miraculously beneficial in the problem of uric acid and that is Giloy’s juice. Giloy juice is the most beneficial for our immune system, and consuming it quickly improves any type of disease present in the body. It has been used for a long time for diseases like uric acid and arthritis, as well as people who have started having severe joint pain due to uric acid. You will find Giloy’s Juice at low prices easily at any Ayurvedic medicine shop.

Uric acid and water

Keep in mind that when uric acid increases in the body, it is very important to keep our body hydrated for the whole time because due to lack of water in the body, this disease becomes more severe and painful. So drink more and more water throughout the day. By drinking plenty of water, all kinds of toxins present in the body keep coming out.

Foods to avoid during uric acid

People who have to eat medicines daily or those who consume alcohol, uric acid keeps on increasing at double speed. Therefore, in the case of uric acid problems, alcohol consumption should be completely stopped.

Uric acid is a toxic acid found in the body and if you eat such things that boost the amount of acid in the body, then you can not get rid of this problem even after using every kind of treatment or prescription is impossible. Tea, coffee, and too much spicy or spicy food also increase the amount of uric acid in the body rapidly.

In most people, uric acid is also a problem due to the increasing amount of protein in the body. So all those things which are high in protein like meat pulses, Rajma, almonds, and dairy products should be avoided during uric acid. Due to carelessness in diet and high intake of packaged food, in addition to uric acid, it increases cholesterol in the body which has also become a serious problem.

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