PCOS Diet (2020) | Best food for PCOS

PCOS diet

Polycystic Ovarian Disease or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a very serious disease but still, this disease can be completely cured in a short period by taking precautions in your pcos diet and adopting small changes in daily life. In this article, we will know what kind of changes should be brought to women who have PCOD or PCOS in their daily life. We will discuss losing weight with PCOS, the best food for PCOS, symptoms of PCOS, and the PCOS diet plan.

Whenever it comes to diet, most people think that due to illness they will have to stop eating everything. Many types of diet will have to be avoided and patients will have to adopt food while thinking that it is wrong to follow a diet, because following a diet does not mean to starve or kill the mind, but by keeping a watch on your food and eating the right things.

In any disease, we need to know that eating which things improve that disease and by consuming what things, that disease can increase further. In such a situation, a good diet can give us the results that we are not getting from medicines, as well as by adopting the right habits and the right diet, the effect of medicines also starts doubling on our body by which major diseases can also be completely cured very easily.

So let’s talk first about the things of PCOD and PCOS, which things we should take care of, PCOS treatment diet and foods to avoid with PCOS.


Best food for PCOS

Let’s talk about the best food for PCOS. Let’s start with boiling water. Whenever you want to drink water, then drink boiled water and also drink light hot water on an empty stomach in the morning and the evening.

Flax seeds

Flaxseeds are very beneficial in PCOD and PCOS disease. It contains a lot of Omega Three and antioxidants which work to improve the spoiled hormones of our body. So eat about 2 teaspoons of flaxseed in a day.

High protein and high fiber diet

Along with this, adopting high protein and high fiber diet is considered to be the best in PCOD because when the amount of protein and fiber in our body is high then the effect of medicines and the treatment done on our body get doubles. For this, you can use  Oats, Oatmeal, Chana, Moong Dal, Egg Whites. Also, using carrot capsicum, curry leaves and broccoli in vegetables is very beneficial in PCOD.

Oats are high in protein and fiber. Sattu is one such thing which can be used in different ways in every season. All these things seem very simple and boring to hear, but believe that using them all can make many different tastes. And most importantly, it takes very little time to make them.

Apart from this, eat sprouts, sprouted pulses, be sure to eat cucumber, beetroot, and seasonal fruits in the salad. Berries and amla are very beneficial when there is PCOD or PCOS. By using them, the blood sugar of the body remains under control and at the same time, they also increase our metabolism. Peppermint is also very beneficial in PCOD

Food to avoid with PCOS

Foods to avoid with PCOS are sweet things like sweets and various types of sweet dishes like pastry, cakes, and all those things which have a lot of sugar in them. Also, if you use sugar at home too, reduce its quantity by half. Along with this, do not eat too many fat-rich things such as outside fried, packaged snacks, junk food, and do not eat made-up things like white bread, naan, etc. because all these things increase glucose in our body.

Therefore, the already increasing weight begins to increase at more double speed. Apart from this, do not consume too much salt and instead of white salt, use pink rock salt or rock salt. Also, if you smoke or sometimes consume alcohol, then stop it completely because both these things make it most difficult to cure this disease.

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