Nutritional Deficiency: Symptoms, causes and natural treatment


Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients since they play hundreds of roles in the body, but most people are unwilling to take vitamin pills without understanding how inadequate their body is or in which nutrient their body is deficient. Most of the people in the world face nutritional deficiencies such as :

  • Calcium deficiency
  • Vitamin C deficiency
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Biotin deficiency
  • Zinc deficiency
  • B vitamin deficiency
  • iron deficiency

However, whether you miss a certain vitamin or mineral, the incredible thing is that the body has a whole bunch of signs and signals. Let us talk about some of the most common nutritional deficiencies and more importantly, the natural ways to fix this nutritional deficiency.

Calcium deficiency

Starting with cracking sound and joints Do your knees pop when you bend them or maybe your arm’s joints crack. If yes, this is a clear sign of calcium deficiency in the body. Of course, we know how important it is to maintain strong bones and teeth. Low levels of calcium over time can contribute to arthritis.

So, how to fix that. First of all, things. Don’t waste your money on a calcium tablet. Instead of it include milk items in your diet along with peanut butter. However, the most effective way to address calcium deficiency is to have a pinch of calcium carbonate in the curd on the empty stomach. Have it regularly for about two to three months and it’ll do well to synthetic calcium tablets can never calcium carbonate commonly is known can easily be bought from the nearby grocery shop

Vitamin C deficiency

If your gums bleed while brushing or even eating or your tongue often gets ulcer cuts and so on, you should understand that your body is screaming and telling you about vitamin C deficiency.

Bleeding gums while brushing is very common. Even the majority of people ignore the body’s signal that even your arteries are bleeding at the cellular level. Make sure you act on this immediately because it can make the vascular system worse and more damaging.

Amla is the best source of vitamin C with vitamin C equivalent to 20 oranges. The best way to address vitamin C deficiency in the body is to use an amla day or night. Amla can be consumed throughout the year in the form of juice powder pickled candy etc.. Other good sources of vitamin C includes lemons, guavas, capsicum, etc.

Biotin Deficiency

Do you have brittle nails, or do you have peeling cuticles? Your hair can be dry or you are facing a premature hair loss. These are some very clear indications that your body has a biotin deficiency. One common reason might be when you start eating raw eggs regularly.

Whenever there is an imbalance in the digestive system, our bodies are unable to make Biotin the source of these symptoms. The best way to increase development in the body is to increase intestinal bacteria and there is no better probiotic food than curd. Get a curd on your empty stomach to get the full value. Many popular examples include pickles and vinegar with apple cider.

Zinc deficiency

Check your nails right now. Do you have any white specks on them? If that is the case, it means that your body is crying for zinc. Zinc deficiency is very common among people who eat cakes, pastries, and other sweets that may contain refined grains.

Zinc is very important to both men and women. This is because the male body needs zinc to produce testosterone. Losing means low testosterone levels, which can lead to slow beard growth, low muscle mass fatigue, and even sexual maturity in women, especially during pregnancy. Zinc deficiency can have a detrimental effect on the fetus and mother. To fulfill zinc reduce your intake of pastries increase nuts, lentils, and legumes in your diet.

B vitamin deficiency

If you have cracked corners of heels or bloodshot eyes or ulcers on your lips or cracked corners of your mouth, this is a vitamin B deficiency. If you find horizontal lines on your nails or have wandering eyes, this is an indication of vitamin B1 deficiency.

Some people’s nails start turning Brown. Then if you have redness in your nose, your cheeks, and your Ford’s heads, you need to supply vitamin B6 to your body. Vitamin B deficiency is very common and is related to skin hair problems and the digestive system. Individuals with vitamin B deficiency are more vulnerable to body pain, anxiety, and depression.

The major reason for B vitamin deficiency is bad food choices. Stop eating shawarma, burgers, pizza, etc. Eat healthy food made at home and your body will take care of the rest.

Iron and hemoglobin deficiency

If you find that your face is pale or the redness of your nail just turns white. Your lips are going to lose their shine. These are the classic symptoms of low levels of iron and hemoglobin in the body. Iron and hemoglobin are interlinked as iron are essential for the production of blood. The best way to achieve this, and without doing anything extra, is to start using an iron pan for cooking food or boiling milk. Beetroots, carrots, pomegranates, corn, apples are very helpful in improving hemoglobin levels.

To improve that Haptoglobin levels it is also highly recommended to massage your body and exercise and other very familiar signals given by the body show up in the form of vertical ridges on nails or the loss of eye brittle or puffy eyes. Do you know where the root of these problems lies. It’s the thyroid. The thyroid hormone regulates your body’s metabolism and the way your body utilizes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

So any problem with the thyroid gland it can create further deficiencies in the body as the hormonal elements are much more in women, they are more prone to these symptoms. The thyroid is a lifestyle disease and it can be handled easily. Eat wholesome home-cooked food and exercise regularly.

Vitamin A deficiency

If you have rough, uneven nails or a poor night vision, you should know it’s a vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A deficiency may be due to liver congestion. This is the reason why, even after eating vegetables regularly, some people are faced with this issue as this limit is not capable of producing enough wine to bring down Vitamin A. In such cases, fats such as oils should be included in the diet.

Vitamin E deficiency

Morning cramps are a direct example of vitamin E deficiency. You should massage your body regularly with almond oil. You can also mix a spoonful of almond oil in milk at night, and another popular indication is when your tongue turns white. It shows the overgrowth of yeast and the problems with the digestive system. Elevate antibiotics and eat clean food such as raw vegetables and fruit. Basically, for every internal activity in the body, there’s a signal outside.


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