Keto Diet | Keto Diet Side Effects

keto diet side effect

Today we are going to talk about the scientific meaning of Keto diet! After reading this post today, you will understand everything in one go. First of all, please know that strict adherence to the basic rules of a keto diet does not have any harmful side effects. This has happened in very few cases when the keto diet has failed, that too due to the negligence of the person and not taking the correct diet.

Our body is in a state of Ketosis all the time. It is a normal metabolic process that gives our body energy to work continuously at all times.

keto diet side effect

When you eat a Keto diet, due to the lack of carbohydrates, our body is forced to digest the fat for energy! When our body starts digesting fat then it starts making a large number of Ketones! A normal healthy person, who takes a balanced diet, does not have much rationale for a keto diet. But once you remove carbs from your diet, the body automatically goes on Ketosis to meet its energy needs.

Keto Diet Side Effects

The keto diet is becoming popular throughout the world as a successful weight loss process. In the keto diet, we pay more attention to high fat and protein diet. The special thing about our body is that when our body goes on ketosis, at that time we feel satisfaction at the mental level and our energy is given as a new life donation. It maintains your muscles and because of this you never have to face a starving condition. Actually, when your body has gone on ketosis, then we also stop feeling very hungry.

European Union doctors also recommend a keto diet, especially for children who have epileptic seizures or have seizures and diabetes. There are many researchers who are suggesting the use of Keto diet to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Ketosis in most people will begin in three to four days. I myself went on Ketosis within three days. Symptoms that you will feel in the first week include mild headache and a desire to go to the bathroom again and again. Trust me when I say that all these symptoms will disappear in a week. And one thing that I can share with you through my experience is that mentally you feel energetic.

Other diets make you feel irritable and tired by the end of the day. Once my body has gone on ketosis, I have enough energy to work all the time. Even at eleven o’clock at night, I felt very mentally refreshed and energetic. It is not possible to express my happiness in words. For this, you have to feel this experience yourself. This experience was as if the doors of my mind had opened.

Changes the smell of body

The only keto diet side effect that I want to share with you is that it changes the smell of your body. After three days you will feel like a smell in your mouth. And your partner may smell strangely from your body. Actually it is not deodorant but it is not fragrant either. The only way to avoid this is to keep drinking large amounts of water. I always keep lemon juice and salt solution in a bottle with me!

Maintain the balance of salt and minerals

Try to maintain the balance of salt and minerals in your body at all times. It helps to control keto smell or else after a month everyone gets used to it. Like any normal woman, I was concerned about the effect of the Keto diet on my hair and skin. You will be happy to know that my hair fall has reduced and my skin has started glowing like a young lady. My friends can attest to this fact.

TDEE(Total Daily Energy Expenditure)

Total Daily Energy Expenditure, which means that to stay alive and keep the current weight, you will need how many calories in a day.

Now that you have got a calculator to keep track of the energy required for the whole day, the next step will be to plan your dinner. Do not worry, I am not making your life difficult. You can keep a complete account of your day’s food and the energy you are getting from this plan given above.

Now I will assume that everything I have explained to you so far is based on scientific facts. And when everything is being scrutinized so closely, the hopes of its success are equally high.

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