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With growing age, hair graying, and white hairs are a common practice and everyone wants the answer of how to get rid of white hairs naturally? In men when the hair of the face i.e the beard and mustache starts to ripen, men appear to be larger than his age. Also, in some people, beard hair starts ripening before age.

In this article, we will talk about some very easy and effective home remedies for white hair and the reasons for white hairs, by which not only white hair will become black again, but the newly grown hair will also be black from inside. Many types of cells work together to keep the hair color black in our body, but they become weak because of spending too much time in the sun and not paying attention to food.

In this case, the facial hair appears brown in the beginning and gradually turns gray to white. Once our head and facial hair start to turn white, then this problem gradually increases and there is no other way left for us except to dye our hairs i.e. to use the chemical color found in the market. But do you know that many ways are also effective to get rid of white hairs naturally, with the help of which white hair can be completely blackened in just one to two times using it without using any chemical.

Natural home remedies for white hair

So let’s know what are home remedies for white hairs and how they are prepared. For this, we have divided this entire process into two parts. In this, we will first know how to make a completely natural color at home, using which the white hair can be made completely black again.

After that, we will discuss the use of a beard serum whose color will remain intact for a long time and the color of hair becoming white will gradually become black forever. In both these procedures, it is optional to use the first prescription, that means to get rid of white hair, it will be enough to use the second one.

Natural home remedy for white hairs using indigo and henna powder

The recipe is only for those who want to make their hair black forever by first use. We need salt, gooseberry powder, the henna powder also called mehndi and indigo powder to get rid of white hair.

If the use of indigo powder is done properly, it shows a great effect on white hair. Also, It is very important to have pure indigo powder. Just as henna powder also called mehndi is completely natural and its use gives us red color, in the same way, indigo is also a completely natural thing, using which we get dark blue color.

To give natural color to white hair, we have to use Mehndi and Indigo one by one. For this, first, mix two teaspoons of henna with half a teaspoon of gooseberry powder and add a little warm water to it. Leave it to thaw for about two to three hours.

After thawing, keep it on your entire beard for one to two hours and then wash it with normal water. While washing, keep in mind that we do not have to use any kind of soap, face wash, or shampoo. Wash only with plain water.

Tips while applying home remedy

While applying on beard and mustache, do not get the red color of mehndi on the cheeks. For this, apply coconut oil or petroleum jelly in the places where you do not want to let the color come. Dry the hair completely after washing the mehndi. You will see that the hair color will turn light red.

After that, mix two teaspoons of indigo powder with about three pinches of salt and leave it to melt for 10 to 15 minutes with a little warm water. While melting the Indigo, keep in mind that we do not have to run it for more than 10 to 15 minutes. Because its effect ends by melting for a long time.

After 10 minutes of melting, apply the paste of indigo on the entire place where you had applied mehndi and then wash it after one hour, wash it only with plain water. After washing the indigo you will see that the red color resulting from the henna will turn into a natural black color and the white hair will turn completely black. The color of indigo gradually becomes darker, so for about two days after its use, try to wash your beard with plain water and do not rub your hair part too much while washing.

Benefits of indigo

If you buy indigo of good quality, then it will give you very good results in the first time and the color done will also stay on the hair for a long time. With the help of this whole process, white hair can be completely blackened in the first time and due to not having any chemical in it, it can be used in any other ways as a natural remedy for white hairs.

The whole process takes a little longer. So if you want, you can also do it in two parts on a different day, that is, use mehndi one to two hours before sleeping at night and then use indigo at that place in the morning. In this way, the whole process will also become easier.

The color made after darkening the hair remains on the hair forever and never comes out. For this, it is necessary that after this, beard serum should also be used.

Beard serum for white hairs

We will need potato peel and aloe vera gel to make beard serum. Wash 4 to 5 potatoes thoroughly and then remove the peel and cover it with one to two cups of water on a flame and let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes. When the peels are boiled in water, the water will gradually thicken and its color will change to the color of potato peels.

After 10 to 15 minutes, filter it and after it cools down completely, add two to three teaspoons of aloe vera gel to this water and mix it well. In this way, this beard serum will be prepared. Fill this prepared serum in a spray bottle or plastic bottle. To use it, spray it on your face or head wherever you have white hair or soak it in cotton and apply.

If you color your hair with henna and indigo tips, then start using this serum three to four days after coloring and if you don’t color then it can be used from day one. The starch inside the potato works to give natural color to the hair. Therefore, the hair which is becoming white due to its use gradually starts to turn black and you can easily get rid of white hair.

 Both the tips mentioned in this article can be used on the gray beard, mustache as well as the hair of the head.

Reason for white hair

There are two main reasons for white hair before age which are listed below :

  • Due to the lack of element called melanin in the body
  • Due to lack of essential nutrients in the body to maintain the hair and skin tone.

Therefore, along with the tips, we also need to include some diet that make the hair black in the inside. If your body is lacking in essential nutrients that keep hair black, then the effect of any prescription from outside will be seen very slowly and slowly. These were the reasons for white hair. I hope that this article is proved to be very effective in your life.

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