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Friends, dry, and torn heels are a sign that your body is lacking in water, and you are not taking proper care of your feet. The soles of our palms and feet do not have CBS glands, i.e., oil-producing glands, and due to this, there is more dryness in the skin. Due to dehydration, skin of ankles starts to harden, and due to too much pollution or exposure to water, ankles start bursting.

When the body is overweight, many times, there is more pressure on the ankles of the feet, due to which it starts to burst slowly. Those who have dry skin and those who do not properly moisturize their feet, in such a condition, especially during cold weather, the ankles are torn. When the heels start bursting, it is very important to pay attention to it at the same time because this problem becomes serious later. Due to this, pain starts in the ankles daily, and there is a lot of difficulty in walking.

Whether the ankles are very torn or very torn. At every stage, they can be repaired completely with the help of home remedies. In this article today, we will know about some very simple but effective home remedies for dry feet, whose daily use will improve the problem of torn ankles in just three days, and this problem will be eliminated.

Home Remedies for dry feet:

To make the first home remedy for dry feet, we will need Neem, aloe vera gel, honey, and turmeric. First of all, wash the neem leaves thoroughly and make a thin paste by running it in the mixer with a little water. After that mix one spoon of aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of turmeric and mix it well together. After that, apply this prepared paste well by using a thick layer on your ankles.

After applying, keep it covered for about 20 to 30 minutes with the help of a clean cloth or cotton. After that, wash it with normal water. Neem, aloe vera, and honey have healing properties inside, which work to fill the cracks of torn ankles very fast. The first use of this recipe starts improving torn ankles.

Second Home Remedy for dry feet :

Apart from this, there is another home remedy for dry feet which we have to use before sleeping at night time. We will need Petroleum Jelly, Sesame oil, Coconut oil, and camphor to make this. In two teaspoons of petroleum jelly, add one teaspoon of sesame oil, one teaspoon of coconut oil, and one pinch of camphor and mix everything well. After that, apply this prepared mixture well on your ankles and wherever your feet become dry.

After that, with the help of clothes or wearing socks, keep your feet covered overnight. After repeating this process continuously for four to five days, you will see that there will be a lot of improvement in the problem of torn ankles. To increase its effect, if you wish, you can also mix aloe vera gel, and mustard oil can also be used instead of sesame oil. But if your heels are very torn, and sometimes blood comes out from it, then in such a situation, do not use hot oils like mustard and sesame. Use only coconut oil.

Benefits of Desi Ghee for dry feet:

Apart from this, desi ghee is also very beneficial for torn ankles. Mix half a teaspoon of coconut oil or vitamin E oil in one teaspoon of desi ghee and massage your ankles with light hands before going to bed every night. A mixture of desi ghee, coconut oil, and vitamin oil is very beneficial for healing wounds and repairing torn areas.

Benefits of rubbing milk for dry feet:

If the ankles frequently rupture due to too much dryness in your feet, then rubbing milk or doodh ki malai can relieve this problem forever. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric in one spoon of milk cream and apply it on the cracked ankles daily. With this, the cracked ankles not only heal, but the skin of the feet also becomes soft. In the case of torn ankles, it is very important to keep our feet moisturize full time during the day and the night so that this problem does not increase further. For this glycerin, almond oil, aloe vera gel, and petroleum jelly, mix these four things in equal quantity and keep them in a clean jar and apply it on your feet two to three times throughout the day.

By doing this, the skin of the feet remains dry and torn ankles are completely cured in a short time.

Importance of hydration for dry feet:

Apart from this, it is also very important to keep your body hydrated throughout. We do not feel thirsty in the cold, and due to this, there is a lack of water in the body, which increases the problem further. Also, do not consume too many dry things in food. Eat only things with more and more wet food gravy.

In the problem of torn ankles, consuming desi ghee is also very beneficial. Therefore, consume at least one teaspoon of desi ghee daily in your food. If you are troubled by any disease or any other problem related to your skin and hair, then there is already a lot of articles in our website on all those topics. To know about effective home remedies for every kind of problem, you must read all those articles. With this, I hope that today’s article proves to be very effective in your life.

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