High Blood Sugar Symptoms and Treatment(2020)

Friends, most people think that only those people who have diabetes or those who eat more sweets may have more sugar in their body, but this is not the case. There are many high blood sugar symptoms and most importantly, we do not even know about it.

If the amount of sugar in the body increases, it makes us hollow inside, which has a direct effect on the internal levels of our body, nerves, eyes, and energy level of the body. When there are small to big disturbances inside our body, our body tries to tell us about it in different ways. If we understand those gestures told by the body in time, then we can stop every serious disease before it arrives.

Let us know about some such symptoms which are seen when the amount of sugar in the body increases. Some symptoms indicate that you are going to have diabetes and you should go to the doctor immediately.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Get hungry again and again

If after eating your food, you often feel like eating something, then it is high blood sugar symptom. High blood sugar prevents the glucose of the body from reaching the cells, due to which our body is not able to get full energy and keeps us feeling like eating something again and again. If this happens to you too, try to reduce the sweetness of your daily diet. Minimize the intake of cold drinks etc. and keep the minimum amount of sugar in tea, coffee, etc. Only by doing this, you will start seeing very good results very soon.


If you start feeling tired as soon as you wake up in the morning or you are very tyred by the end of the day, then it can also be a high blood sugar symptom. Since when the amount of sugar in the body increases, our body is unable to fully utilize the energy and our cells cannot get the necessary fuel, due to which often our body feels tired without any reason. If you cannot stop eating sugary food then start using honey instead of sugar.

Frequent urination

When the amount of sugar in the body increases, it also affects our kidneys. Due to high blood sugar, our kidneys are not able to completely absorb the liquid, and our body starts draining out the body fluid quickly to reduce the increased sugar, which causes us to urinate quickly. To fix this problem, eat at least things like ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Dry mouth and thirst again and again

 Frequent mouth and throat dryness and early thirst show the lack of fluid in the body are also some of the high blood sugar symptoms. It is impossible not to drink water even when you are thirsty, but some people start drinking different kinds of sweet things when thirsty, due to which the problem increases further. Drink only plain water when thirsty, and lemon juice can also be added to the water to make it better.

Weight Loss

Due to the high level of glucose in the body, the weight starts decreasing rapidly. Due to lack of water, the body starts thinning. Due to insulin deficiency, the body’s fat starts to burn faster and due to the more urine, essential nutrients are also released from the body.


 High blood sugar increases the chances of urinary tract infections and yeast infections in both men and women, and such infections are often seen more in women. Excess of sugar in the body promotes yeast and bacteria, causing infection in the genitals easily. To avoid this type of problem, eat sugar at least or stop it completely for 7 to 8 days. By doing this, the habit of eating more sweet ones automatically improves.

Dry skin

Do you know that dry skin is also a high blood sugar symptom. This is because due to the high sugar level, there is a lack of water in the body due to which our skin starts drying up. But excess sugar also damages the nerves of the body which makes the sweat gland in the skin weak and the skin starts drying up.

Not being able to concentrate

Although our brain needs sugar to work well, when the amount of sugar increases, it causes glucose to not reach our brain properly due to which the brainpower starts to weaken and it’s direct It affects our power of thinking and decision making.

Weak Eyes

Often, blurred vision is also a sign of increased sugar and lack of water in the body and it also affects our eye cells due to which the focusing power of the eyes starts to weaken.

Slow healing of wounds and scratches

If you are noticing that small or big scratches in your body get cured very slowly then it may be that the amount of sugar in your body is increased. Excess of sugar makes our blood circulation weak and nutrient deficiency in our cells. In this case, the wounds take longer than usual to heal.


When the amount of sugar in the blood is high, it can also increase impotence. For sexual intercourse and healthy sex life, it is necessary to have good blood circulation in the body, strengthening of nerves and maintaining a balance of hormones. Increased sugar in the body has a very bad effect on all these things.

 Irritability and Stress

Research has shown that people who have high levels of sugar in their body have more irritability and lack of patience. Our brain needs a balanced supply of glucose, so whenever there is a disturbance in the glucose level of our body, it has a very bad effect on our brain due to which we start taking more tension and stress.

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