Food for Strong Bones | Ways to increase bone density Naturally


In this article, we will share some knowledge about food for strong bones and the ways to increase bone density naturally in detail by which you can build healthy bones naturally.

Nutrients or Food for Strong Bones

Now let’s talk about what you should do in your nutrition so that you can make your bones strong. Many people have the problem of arthritis or joint pains, there are other reasons for this, but the main problem is that their bones are weak. Instead of macronutrients, micronutrients like calcium and vitamins plays an important role in bone strengthening.



Calcium is first of all Nutrition. Now, most people know how to find calcium to strengthen the weakness of bones, dairy products like Milk, yogurt and paneer, etc are the healthy sources of Calcium. So you should add dairy products like milk in your diet. In this way, you will get the benefit of calcium as well as protein.

The second source of calcium comes the green leafy vegetable such as spinach. You get a good amount of calcium in all of them with green leaves.

The third source of calcium comes soybeans. If you take soya milk or you take soya cheese, then you also get a good amount of calcium and the fourth source of calcium comes the fortified flour. You can also get a good amount of calcium from fortified flour. You should add these four ingredients to your diet so that the calcium is not lacking in the body and it will help you to increase bone density naturally.

Vitamin D

Our second main nutrient is Vitamin D to makes your bones density stronger. Many people think that they get Vitamin D from the Sun but it does not happen. You do not get vitamin D from sunlight. You have vitamin D in your body, the body makes it automatic, but what happens when the sun’s rays hit the body, it activates vitamin D. Now what is the relation of vitamin D with calcium. Anyone has vitamin D deficiency their body will not be able to completely absorb calcium that’s why daily intake of vitamin D is important.

You get vitamin D from cheese, yogurt, dairy products, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, cereals like maize, millet, etc Body also produces Vitamin D by itself, but it is not activated, it is activated only by sunlight.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also plays a very important role when it comes to joints. Your elbow joint, shoulder joint, or the joint bone of the spinal cord has a disc in the middle of all the joint, and when the disc of joint grates then the pain starts. This is the main reason for joint pain in most people.

Vitamin C not only makes the immune system stronger but also repairs that disc in joints. So if you are taking regular vitamin C, then it will not allow it to be damaged and will help you to build strong bones naturally. But If you follow a bad lifestyle, then you will have all these complications. Sources of vitamin C are amla, oranges, lemon, etc.

Vitamin K

Our fourth main nutrient is vitamin k. you should know that what does sodium do. Sodium holds water in the body and the same is the case with vitamin. Vitamins hold calcium in our bodies. If our body is deficient in vitamin then calcium will also start to flesh out from our body. Therefore taking vitamin k is also necessary for the proper functioning of the body and will help you to increase bone density. Good sources of vitamin K are egg yolks and green vegetables.


You can also make your bones strong by consuming almonds. Almond contains calcium, vitamin E, and fatty acids. Almonds also contain phosphorus that helps in strengthening the bones as well as your teeth.


Apart from this, tomatoes can also make your bones strong. Tomatoes are low in calories and high in nutrients. Tomatoes are found to have good amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants which makes your bones healthy. Start eating tomatoes right now because it contains iron, calcium, and magnesium that will make your bones strong and healthy. It will help you a lot to overcome skin related problems.

Things to avoid for Stronger bone density

Stop drinking alcohol as quickly as possible. Alcohol stops the functioning of calcium in our bodies. It does not allow calcium to properly absorb in the body. Other things to avoid are Caffeine and sodium. Make sure that your caffeine limit should be 100 to 150 mg per day. Almost all energy drinks contain caffeine and taking caffeine above the limit will flesh out calcium from our body.

Sodium doesn’t allow calcium to be properly used in our bodies. Sodium can be encountered by potassium. Sodium holds the water in our body and when it will hold water in our body it will increase our weight and joints will get water hold which will result in joint pains. So you have to limit sodium so that useless water flesh out from your body.

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