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Eyes are a very important organ of our body. If there is a problem then our life becomes incomplete. It is often seen that people take proper care of their facial hair, body, and everything else but do not do anything for the eyes and due to this our eyes keep getting weaker with age, and many times many diseases occur in the eyes before time.

Eye related diseases and its reason

Eye related diseases are increasing day by day. The main reason for this is the pollution of electronic things such as TV, computer and mobile, etc. Our life today is surrounded by electromagnetic waves from all around. Some people watch more TV and use more mobile throughout the day, but nowadays computer usage has increased so much that most of our time comes out in front of the computer. Therefore, if we do not pay attention to our eyes, then our eyes gradually become weak.



Pollution such as dust and other substances present in the outside environment go into our eyes, and at the same time, our eyes get affected due to the sun.


Age is also a factor of eye-related disease in which with the light of our eyes starts weakening, as well as people who are more ill or who have diabetes, they also gradually start having problems related to eyes.

Poor diet

Poor diet is also a reason of eye-related diseases. The type of food we eat nowadays is very low in nutrients, which increases the amount of bile in our body and due to this our eyes cells do not get nourishment at all, and slowly they start deteriorating. Some types of diseases such as loss of eyesight, near or far short sight, color blindness, watery eyes, headache, double vision, and many other types of eye-related diseases.

Eye care routine

Nowadays eye disease is very common due to which sometimes glasses are worn from the age of 6 i.e. from childhood and then with these glasses we have to spend a lot of time, but sometimes for a lifetime and often even this cannot be treated. Therefore, we also have to take a doctor’s medicines for a long time. Also, glasses are always on us forever. But many times home remedies made from things around us are so effective that they even leave the doctor’s treatment behind. So home remedies should be added in the eye care routine.

Home remedies to improve eyesight

We have brought some such effective and successful home remedies to increase eyesight. After using it your eyesight will be bright and you don’t need to apply glasses. Also, there are some precautions which will save you from this problem.

To increase the light of the eyes and to remove the spectacles from the eyes, it is necessary to treat from both the outside and the inside.

Massaging of Almond and Walnut oil

The first home remedy to improve eyesight is from outside.It is almond and walnut oil.. Mix both these oils in equal quantity and massage your eyes daily with light hands. For this, close your eyes and massage the top and bottom of the eyelids, that is, in circular motions all around, and after massaging for 5 to 7 minutes, you have to rest for 10 minutes by placing a size of some cucumber on the eyes.

You can also use wet cloth instead of cucumbers. Massaging in this way increases the blood circulation of our eye veins and cools and relaxes our eyes. You can use this recipe daily at night and if you add rose water to the eyes before massaging, it makes it even more effective. In this way, if you do it one to two months daily, then it improves your eyesight by increasing them very fast.

The benefit of Amla, Triphala, and Coriander to improve eyesight :

If you have dark spots around your eyes you can use three types of water to wash the eyes, that are Amla, Triphala, and Coriander. You can use all three or even one of these three.

If you use coriander water, then put two to three teaspoons of coriander powder in a jug of water and boil it for five minutes and then cool the water completely. Wash your eyes with it. If you wish, you can wash your eyes three to four times a day by keeping this water with you or you can wash it only in the morning and evening.

Apart from this, if you use Amla or Triphala water, then to make it, put two to three teaspoons of Triphala powder or Amla powder in it overnight and keep it overnight and then filter it in the morning. Wash your eyes daily after getting up in the morning. But even if you come home from outside, you must wash your eyes with your face.

The benefit of Cow ghee for eye diseases

You can also use cow’s ghee for improvement in eyesight. Heat the cow’s ghee and massage it well behind the ear daily before going to sleep. It helps in strengthening the veins of our eyes, which over time eliminates all kinds of eye-related diseases and it makes our eyesight sharp.

The benefit of Saliva for improving our eyesight

Saliva is effective for the light of the eyes, although our saliva contains mostly water beside it has white blood cells and anti-bacterial properties. Which is most effective in erasing any wound and scar. Just as any animal can heal its deepest wound only by licking it. The saliva of the mouth formed in the morning is the most important and it is also the most effective.

 Therefore, wake up early in the morning and apply the saliva of your mouth to the eyelids. The same type of mascara is applied. By doing this every day, we can easily get rid of spectacles and all kinds of diseases present in our eyes are cured. The saliva of the mouth is so effective that it can cure conjunctivitis infection in just two days.

Home remedy to improve eyesight using fennel , white chilli and almonds :

There is another very effective home remedy to improve eyesight, you will need white chili, fennel, Sugar candy, and some almonds. Prepare a powder by mixing one teaspoon fennel powder, one teaspoon sugar candy powder, and one teaspoon almond powder in white chili powder, then mix one teaspoon of this powder daily with lukewarm milk. This is the most effective recipe for all kinds of weakness related to the eyes and to increase the light of the eyes. If you use it for one month, you will see that your eyesight will improve a lot, as well as the eyeglasses on your eyes, will also go off.

Apart from this, to increase the light of the eyes, use the copper vessel. Drink water kept in a copper vessel for six to seven hours in the morning and evening. It benefits the eyes greatly

Tips for healthy eyes

Whenever you wash the eyes with this water or even with plain water, before that you have to keep as much water inside your mouth and after that wash your eyes. By doing this, the muscles of the eyes expand and all the impurities of the eyes are cleaned thoroughly. If you wash your eyes daily with the water three times, then it brightens your eyesight and if any number of spectacles are pierced by the eyes, then it is removed within one to two months and also the dark circle under the eyes. Dark circles also end, and it is also very effective for eye pain.

If you spend more time on your computer or you read more books, then it has been seen that often there is a pain in the eyes and stress in the eyes. Because when we work, we do not pay attention and we blink our eyelids very little, which causes dryness in our eyelids and then fatigue comes in them which sometimes leads to headaches. So whenever you work, keep blinking the eyelids and simultaneously resting the eyes for five minutes every hour after closing them or add rose water to the eyes twice during work.

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