Best foods to eat at night for weight loss | Healthy late-night snacks


When dieting word is used for weight loss, it means eating the right food at the right time and adding more and more weight loss items into your diet. Do you know that our body is most affected by the food taken at night. This is because the food eaten at night spends the longest time in our stomach. Therefore, if we talk about weight loss, then the right meal taken at night can also prevent your weight gain. But even a slight mistake can ruin a month’s diet.

Many people follow a good diet throughout the day, but at night they go to sleep with heavy food, due to which the diet and diet of the day do not have any effect on the body. If the right things are consumed at the right time at night, it proves very effective in weight loss.

Most of the people consume fruits, vegetables, salad sprouts, etc. during the day to lose weight, but there is always confusion about what foods to eat at night for weight loss. In today’s study, we will talk about weight loss and metabolism improvement in the body. We will also discuss some of the best foods to eat at night for weight loss.


Best foods to eat at night for weight loss :

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato has 300 calories less than potatoes. It is full of fiber which helps in boosting the metabolism of the body. Using it daily strengthens our digestive process, and by eating it especially during the night, the weight of the body decreases gradually. You should add sweet potato in your night diet for weight loss.

Brown Rice

People who have a habit of eating rice should use brown rice instead of white because to lose weight it is necessary to eat vitamin and minerals which are not found in white rice. Brown rice has higher fiber than white rice and also has a lower glycemic index. Due to this, it breaks slowly in the digestive system and we feel our stomach full for a long time.

People who have frequent constipation problems should use brown rice. Also, it is considered very beneficial for diabetes patients and it should be added in your night diet for weight loss.

Egg White

If you can eat non-veg, then eating eggs in the night diet is very beneficial for weight loss. Eat only the white part, leaving the middle yellow part in the egg. It has high protein and low-fat percentage. Egg whites do not increase body fat but improve healthy muscle growth by strengthening them. Egg whites are proved to be a healthy late-night snack for weight loss.

The white part of the egg is rich in Vitamin B2, which is considered very beneficial in diseases like a migraine.


Mostly it has been shown that when people start consuming things like fruits and salads etc. while losing weight, their taste starts to get quite boring at a time. Vegetable soup is a very tasty alternative. Soup is very beneficial to fill the stomach at night. Soup made with less ghee, butter and oil can be consumed daily.

Calories are less in soup. According to research, people who consume soup before meals eat 30 percent less of their main food. Soup is rich in protein, carbohydrate, minerals, and other nutrients. The vegetable soup contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps in the digestion of the body and helps in weight loss. You may add spinach, tomato, and carrot in your soup but do not add cheese, cream, and butter to the soup as it increases both calories and fat. Therefore you should add soup in your night diet for weight loss.


Oats are a good source of fiber. Oats are included in a weight loss diet because they are very useful for reducing the fat stored in the body. Proteins are also rich in oats.

Oats contain an element called beta-glucan which is very beneficial in cleansing the intestines, eliminating constipation, and reducing bad cholesterol. If oats are consumed regularly for three months, then the metabolism of the body starts fast. Oats can be consumed at night as well as in the morning.


Fish is considered one of the best food to eat at night for weight loss. Often, people, who try to lose weight reduce body muscles along with fat, which causes weakness in the body. Fish contains a protein that is considered very useful for reducing fat and clearing muscles.

Omega-three fatty acids are found in fish, which is very good for our heart health. Eating fish in the night diet is a very good option to lose weight.


By the way, the name Daliya sounds quite boring but if you want, you can also make it very tasty by using different vegetables and spices. Daliya is rich in nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamin B. It also contains very low calories.

Daliya is the most eaten food for weight loss. It can be consumed in addition to day and night.


If you want to reduce belly fat, then definitely eat idli, a popular south dish, but make this idli with ragi flour, not rice. Ragi is a type of cereal whose flour you will get easily in the market. Ragi is considered to be a fairly good grain, especially for weight loss.

This fiber-rich grain is gluten-free and is a healthy late-night snack for weight loss. Idli made from ragi is rich in fiber, so it is digested slowly, which keeps the stomach full for a long time. Ragi also contains a special amino acid called Tryptophan that helps in hunger and keep bodyweight fit. Apart from the night, it can be consumed during the day.

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