Best Buffet in Lahore with prices

Because of its incredibly diverse culinary culture, Lahore is known as the “food capital of Punjab.” Lahore has continued to incorporate its own flavors in signature dishes from around the world, ranging from western dishes to Continental to Oriental cuisine and Mediterranean. The Mughal empire and Punjabi cuisines had a major impact on the city’s food adoration at first. The city has a variety of dining and buffer choices, ideal for enjoying irresistible Lahori cuisine with family and friends. Here are a few of Lahore’s best buffet restaurants which serves best buffet in Lahore, each with its own unique flavor profile.

Veranda Bistro

Veranda Bistro, in DHA Phase 5, is well-known for its buffet and high-tea menu. Because of its excellent service and friendly staff, the restaurant has gained a lot of popularity among foodies. Warm Chocolate Soup is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.
Price: Lunch Buffet PKR 1250+tax
Hi-Tea Buffet PKR 1050+tax
Dinner Buffet PKR 1650+tax


In Lahore, Tai-Pan is the place to go for good Chinese food. It is perhaps an amazing place to enjoy scrumptious Oriental-style food, as it is located in the Pearl Continental Hotel. Furthermore, the restaurant’s buffet menu includes a variety of vegetarian options. Guests will be reminded of authentic Chinese cuisine when they see Tai-Pan.
Price: Lunch Buffet/Dinner Buffet PKR 2,250+tax

Monal, Lahore

Brought by The Monal Restaurant, Islamabad, this restaurant is one of the highly rThis restaurant is one of the highly recommended restaurants in Lahore, brought to you by The Monal Restaurant, Islamabad. The Monal is a must-try for one of the best buffet menus in the city, with a spectacular view of Lahore’s skyline, great food, and friendly service.
Price: Lunch cum hi-tea buffet PKR 990+tax
Dinner Buffer PKR 1445+tax
Sunday Brunch Buffet PKR 995+tax.


Kim’s at the Awari Hotel in Lahore has a one-of-a-kind buffet with a wide range of cuisines including Pakistani, Mediterranean, and Continental. The restaurant is one of the few in Lahore that offers an all-day buffet, with a different cuisine featured each night at the dinner buffet.
Price: Breakfast buffet PKR 1200+tax
Lunch buffer PKR 1700+tax
Dinner Buffet PKR 2000+tax
Sunday Brunch buffet PKR 2100+tax

Salt’N Pepper Village

Salt’n Pepper Village is a well-known Lahore restaurant that serves a wide range of Pakistani and Middle Eastern dishes. The restaurant is well-known for its high-quality food and prompt service. It is also one of the best and most reasonably priced buffet restaurants in the city.
Price: Lunch-cum-hi-tea buffet PKR 990+tax
Dinner Buffer PKR 1595+tax

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