Benefits of banana peel


Banana is a fruit that is available in all seasons throughout the year. Healing of dermatological wounds and teeth whitening are some of the amazing benefits of banana peel. Major health ailments and serious skin diseases can also be cured with banana peel. People who have been having some stomach related problems for years can be completely cured in just one week with the right use of bananas peel. Finely cut or pebble, etc. can also be removed easily through the banana peel without digging the skin. Overall, it has many more miraculous benefits than the simple fruit it seems.


Although banana peels have a slightly bitter taste but bananas are eaten with peels in many countries and many people eat them by boiling or frying them. Banana peels contain the highest amounts of Vitamin B6 and B12, due to these essential vitamins deficiency our body causes tiredness and weakness.  Especially in old age due to deficiency of vitamin12, many health-related problems start. Banana peels should be consumed at least once a week by boiling them or frying them in ghee along with bananas.

The weight of our entire body is on our feet, so many times, the ankles of the feet become hard. Due to wearing shoes or sandals for a long time, the skin of the toes and soles begin to harden, which also gradually causes pain. To get rid of this problem, stick a banana peel to tape on the hardened area and then leave it on overnight wearing socks to top. The salicylic acid found in banana peels makes the hardened skin of the feet soft till the next morning, but by repeating this process daily, corns on the skin also slowly ends.


If there are pimples on your face, in such a situation they can be completely cured using banana peel. Rub the banana peel three times a week with light hands on the skin of your face. The anti-oxidant called Lutein present in the banana peel and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce facial  pimples and also prevent new pimples on the face.

Get rid of wrinkles

Anti-aging properties are found in the insides of banana peels. To remove wrinkles around the eyes and lips, rub the banana peel on your face daily for 5 to 10 minutes with light hands and leave it on your face for 15 minutes. Gradually, there will be tightness in the facial skin, the aging process of that skin will also start to slow down.

Uses of banana peel in psoriasis

Banana peels are also very effective in curing severe skin diseases like psoriasis. In psoriasis, the skin becomes dry and flakes out. Make a paste of banana peels and mix it with coconut oil and apply it on the skin with psoriasis. This will increase the moisturization in the skin and the problem of crust formation will be eradicated gradually.

Benefits of banana peel for removing bruises

Sometimes the bruises or scratches on the skin remain forever. When the wound is healing, if the banana peels are rubbed daily on the scar area, then there is no scar on the skin and the skin becomes the same when the wound is completely healed.

Benefits of banana peel for warts

If there are frequent warts on the skin, keep a piece of banana peel or bandage on the place of wart daily. Gradually the wart size will start to decrease.

Yellowing of teeth

 If the teeth are not cleaned properly, then yellowness begins to develop in the teeth, which can lead to tooth decay. Rubbing banana peels on the teeth daily in the morning causes a rapid whitening of the teeth and the teeth appear completely white and shiny.

Benefits of banana peel on mosquito bites

Mosquito bites start to cause intense itching in the skin, due to which, large skin rashes also occur on the skin. If the banana peels are rubbed on the place after mosquito bite, itching immediately gets relief.


There are a lot benefits of banana peel in gardening. Banana peels are very beneficial for us as well as other tree plants. Soak banana peels in water to be put in garden or home plants for overnight. After that, pour this water of banana peel into the trees of your home. Due to this, growth of plants become fast and plants do not wilt.

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