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ayurvedic diet

An ayurvedic diet is an ancient form of holistic medicine that promotes well-being through a balanced mind, body, and spirit. The Ayurvedic diet has been around for thousands of years but in the most basic terms, it’s all about balancing your body.

Nutritionist says balance comes from a customized diet based on three different body types there’s Vada, Pitta, and Kapha and you have all three within you but one of them is dominant. So we’ve got some food for each type starting with Vada.

Vadas and diet for Vada

Vadas are described as tall thin bone open-minded, creative and they do well with warm foods like warm golden milk with turmeric ginger pepper , honey,etc and that’s perfect for vadas because vadas are typically cold so it’s gonna balance their body types. Creating heat helps to ground and center plus warm food is easier to digest.

Pitta and diet for pitta

According to Ayurveda the next body type is called pitta. Pittas are described as medium build, athletic they’re typically hardworking and determined and these guys are hot bodies so they’re the ones that get hot all the time so unlike the vadas, they want more cooling foods so things like a big raw salad maybe smoothie juicy watery fruits are gonna work well for a PITTA. Therefore cooling fruits just works well to balance with the pitta body. Cooling the internal body makes the pitta more comfortable and therefore in balance.

Kapha and diet for Kapha

The third body type is KAPHA. They are described as heavier, build strong, grounded loving people and they recommend sticking to light food because for KAPHA it’s a little bit easier for them to put on weight so bone broth soup is recommended for Kapha. The fiber from the veggies and water in the soup help regulate the appetite and that is grinding the ancient Ayurvedic diet for modern appetites.

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