1200 calories Pakistani diet plan


Those who want to reduce their weight from a healthy way and their maintenance calories are between 17 to 19 hundred after calculating, they can follow this 1200 calories Pakistani diet plan and it will give them good results. But as usual, In this diet plan, we have tried to add routine items that are commonly used in our home and to avoid items that need a special arrangement. So in this diet plan, there will be four meals and you can adjust meal timing according to your convenience but one should also keep in mind that there should be a gap of at least two hours between one meal and another.


  • Meal 1 or Breakfast : 455 calories
  • Meal 2 or Lunch : 285 calories
  • Meal 3 or Snacks : 287 calories
  • Meal 4 or Dinner : 272 calories

Meal 1

Meal One will have two options. The first category is to take two whole eggs with two slices of brown bread and you can have a cup of tea containing half a cup of milk and half a cup of water. These totals will give you four hundred and fifty-five (455) calories. You can make omelet and consume them with the bread. Option 2 is to consume fifty gram overnight rolled oats gave them half a cup of milk, add a little water, and soak it. In the morning add your apple without peeling in oats. You can add one tablespoon of flax-seeds and consume one hard-boiled egg with it. This will also give you four hundred and fifty calories.

Meal 2

In meal 2 you will consume 100 grams of boiled rice, 70-gram beans, one teaspoon of olive oil, half spoon turmeric powder with ginger garlic paste, and pink salt, you can use salt as you wish. Do not add more than one teaspoon of olive oil and consume it with boiled rice. These totals will give us 285 calories.

Meal 3

Meal 3 will be Chicken Kebab It will be 120 grams of chicken mince, a complete egg. Put 10 grams of onion in it and use salt as per your choice and cook it in a nonstick pan. You can eat 100g salad leaves or cucumber with this meal, it will give you 287 calories.

Meal 4

Take 100 g cooked chicken breast. One teaspoon of olive oil, add spices of your choice and keep it marinated, after that cook it in a nonstick pan. Now take cucumber or select any green vegetables and consume it with chicken. These totals will give you 272 calories.

Now you have to keep in mind that during these four meals you must consume two teaspoons of pink salt a day, not that you add 2 teaspoons per meal. Keep 2 teaspoons for yourself now and divide them into 4 meals and use it. 1 tsp of turmeric should also be added.

Our Calories are very less in the 1200 Calories Diet Plan so we are not able to get a lot of vitamins. So you should consume one tablet of multivitamin and omega 3 every day and drink more water. I hope this article on 1200 calories Pakistani diet plan for weight loss will be beneficial to you.

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